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If you are a blogger then you will know what wordpress is, people who do not know, in this post, I will tell about what is wordpress.

There are many platforms in blogging which is WordPress on 1st and Blogger on 2nd. In Sharuati, every new  blogger  starts blogging  from Blogger platform  only after that they come to WordPress. And those who do not know what is WordPress. I will tell them about this in this post, so let’s know.

What is wordpress

WordPress is a CMS (open source and content management system. Written on PHP and mysql. Through WordPress we can share our information with the logo. WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on 27 May 2003 Gone. On WordPress we need hosting to create a blog. 30% of the website on the Internet remains on WordPress.

Type of wordpress

There are two types of WordPress. Many new bloggers are unable to understand which blog to create on WordPress.

1. WordPress.com

www.wordpress.com is  a free blog making platform on which we can create our blog for free, but we cannot make money on it.  We do not get any option to apply AIDS separately on www.wordpress.com You can earn money through WordAds on wordpress.com . Only personal people make their blog on it.

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WordPress.org< is  absolutely free on which we get many themes and plugins for free. wordpress.org is free, but to make a blog on it, we have to take hosting and custom domain name and install wordpress on hosting. We then go and create a blog on our WordPress. All bloggers make blogs on this.

Benefits of creating a blog on WordPress

*  It’s free : – Using  WordPress is free. There are thousands of free themes and plugins to enhance the design and functionality of your website. However you have to pay for web hosting.

*  It is easy to learn  .: –  Wordpress is a free software. And it is very easy to learn. Because in this we get thousands of themes and plugins for free. And together we can use WordPress without any technical knowledge.

* Community  : There are “WordCamp” conferences about WordPres in all major cities of the world. These are a great opportunity to learn more, have fun and meet other bloggers.

*  Beautiful Design  : We have more level themes available for free on wordpress. And on this we can easily give a good design without any coding. The best thing about this is that in one click there is an option to install the theme and also to customize it completely.

*  It is SEO-Optimized:  You always want your website to be  SEO  ready and get good results in search engine, then wordpress is fully  SEO Optimize  . Note: –  We recommend you to install the Yoast SEO plugin as it is also free and very popular.

* Easy to earn money : WordPress allows you to advertise as many as you want on your site. There are plugins on WordPress that will add advertisements to your site. And  by signing up for a service like Google Adsense , they can earn money by applying their aids. And you can earn money in many ways.

*  Security:  WordPress core is designed with security in mind and fixing is always going on to make it even stronger. And with the availability of security plugins and a good web host, you can protect your site.

*  Multimedia enabled : –  If you  want to add images Youtube videos, tweets and soundcloud audio to your site  then you can with WordPress. Because on this you will get many plugins, with the help of which you can control everything easily.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress. Who is better at org.

Right now, it will be confusing in your mind that   who is better and who is better in WordPress.com  and  wordpress.org . I will not prolong this post much but I will tell in simple language.

1. We can create a blog for free  on wordpress.com , while a word  name and hosting  is required to create a blog on  wordpress.org .

2. On  WordPress.com  we do not get complete control whereas   on wordpress.org we get complete control.

3. On  WordPress.com  , we have to pay more money to take advantage of the entire future, while   on wordpress.org we can raise all the future for free.

4. We cannot put our AIDS on WordPress.com. While on WordPress.org we can put our favorite aids.

5. After creating a blog on WordPress.com, you get a free subdomain name which is  wordpress. com  . Whereas on wordpress.Org we have to add custom domain name.

Note: –  You must now know that it would be right to create a blog on the platform of Ko. If you want to earn money in Serious by blogging. So create a blog on WordPress.org.

What is required to create a blog on wordpress.org.

All pro bloggers   create their own blog at wordpress.org . Because we get many things for free, we can download and use many themes and plugins for free here.

If you are new to the world of blogging, then what is coming in your mind about what things are needed to create a blog on WordPress.org.

1. First of all we  need a  hosting . You will find many wordpress hosting providers on the Internet, but I would  recommend you to get hosting from some hosting providers  as I also use hosting from this company. ex: –  Hostgator ,  Bluehost , Godaddy  etc. You can buy good hosting from all these hosting providers for a low price. You can buy hosting for only 99 ₹ per month. (If you are thinking about buying hosting, comment below can give you 30-50% off.

2. Domain name is very important for us because only then our blog opens. You will find many companies to buy domain names, if you want to buy a domain name from a good company. So you can buy it from Godaddy. All my domains are registered on this. If you are thinking of buying a domain name for less than 100 ₹, then  I have told about 5 domain names that are available for less than 100 ₹.

Now you will know   what is required to create a blog on wordpress.org . If you still have any questions, then comment.

So friends, I hope you liked this post of ours, if you have any problem anywhere, then contact me immediately?

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