What is WordPress Managed Hosting and its Benefit ?

WordPress is a huge platform in the blogging field and it is also the most popular in this post. In this post we will talk about what it is, why it is different from all hosting and how it works. So let’s know.

As wordpress is very popular, many hosting providers created a new hosting for WordPress, of which only WordPress can be controlled. Which we will know in this post.

What is WordPress Managed Hosting.

WordPress Managed Hosting is a hosting designed for WordPress. In this hosting, we only get control of WP-Admin, the rest is provided by the hosting provider. In this we neither get Cpanel panel control nor Plesk panel control. This hosting is different from all hosting. In this hosting, we do not need to take much tension.

How WordPress Managed Hosting Works

In this hosting, we do not get to control much, in this hosting, we only get access to wp-admin and SFTP (File Transfer protocol). This hosting has a separate server which is only for WordPress. WordPress is installed on the same server. It is completely like VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, just we do not get full control. Just as VPS hosting works, so does hosting.

Advantages of WordPress Managed Hosting.

As I said above, this hosting is completely different from all hosting and what are its benefits. So let’s know below.

* This work is available for a price: –  If you want to buy WordPress Managed Hosting, then you will get it at a very low price in India. In India, you can get up to ₹ 299-600 ₹.

* This is different from all hosting.: – In  this hosting, we do not get much control because the hosting provider does all the control in it.

* Easy to setup.: –  If you do not know much about WordPress and hosting, then you must try this hosting once because it is very easy to setup, in this hosting we can easily without any technical information Can be setup.

* No tension of  going offline : – After setup in WordPress Managed Hosting, you do not need to take much tension in it, you do not have to have the tension of your website being offline even if the website is overloaded.

* Maintenance: – In  this hosting, you do not need to take much tension because the hosting provider itself updates the plugins, themes, and more.

* Speed ​​Optimize: –  This hosting is only for WordPress, so in this hosting the website is given full speed, due to which it makes your website load faster without any interruption. And you can speed optimize this hosting by yourself.

* Security: – In the case of WordPress security, WordPress keeps on updating. And the hosting providers also support it openly so that there is no shortage in terms of security.

* Support: – When you buy this hosting, you get support in this hosting by opening from the hosting provider.

Disadvantages of WordPress Managed hosting

Where there are advantages of this hosting, there are some disadvantages of this hosting as well. And let’s know what that is.

* Not much control is available.: –  If you want to have complete control of hosting, then this hosting is not for you because we do not get much control in this, in this hosting we only get control of WP-Admin.

* No Money Refund: –  When you buy another hosting, you get the option of Money Refund in it, but in WordPress Managed Hosting you do not get any money refund option.

WordPress Managed Hosting VS VPS Hosting

Many people are wondering what is the difference between VPS (virtual private server) and WordPress Managed Hosting. So the only difference between these two is that in VPS hosting we get complete control whereas in WordPress Managed Hosting we get control of WP-Admin only.

Why is this hosting different from all hosting?

You get complete control in any hosting while in WordPress Managed Hosting we get control of Wp-admin only. And one thing we need more technical information on other hosting, whereas on managed hosting we do not need much technical information. And one thing is that its security is more than other hosting.

HindiQuick supports this hosting.

Yes, it is true that  supports this hosting because I have been using this hosting for the last one year but I have not seen any problem with this hosting so far, nor have I ever seen Downtime. And its support is very good, just called once and the solution to any problem is found immediately. I was new in terms of WordPress, so I   bought WordPress Managed Hosting from Godaddy , at that time I did not even know much but without any knowledge in this hosting, I created a blog on WordPress, so I love this hosting and I like this hosting in Future Will keep using

Note: –  If you are new to WordPress and you do not know about WordPress nor about hosting, then select this hosting.

If you also want to choose a good hosting, then I would recommend this hosting to you because I have used this hosting for many days, which got me good results.

So friends, I hope you liked our post, if you have any question or need any information, then you can comment below.

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