What is Google Adsense Auto Ads. How to setup it.

Google Adsense is very important for all bloggers to earn money from blogs because they can earn money from their blogs with this help.

Those who are new about Adsense, then those people will not know what Adsense Auto Ads is. So in that post, we will tell about adsense auto ads and how it is setup, and I will also tell you what is the benefit of this and I will give you all these information, so let’s know.

What is Adsense Auto Ads.

This is a program from Adsense which will show Adsense’s AIDS auto on a blog. Adsense Auto Ads means that Adsense will automatically show AIDS on your blog. In this, Adsense customizes your blog and shows AIDS according to his own so that visitors and visitors to your blog do not have any problem.

If you use Adsense Auto Ads. So the biggest advantage in that is that Adsense shows AIDS itself, which has the advantage that any visitor can click it easily and auto aids work better than manual aids. Which will increase your income.

And if you use Adsense Auto Ads, then one of the disadvantages of this is that Adsense that gives us code has to add that code to the blog, due to which the loading speed of our blog is reduced which is reduced by about 15%. .

How to setup Adsense Auto Ads.

It is very easy to setup, just a code has to be added to the blog. If you have added the code after applying AdSense, then leave it as it is also auto ads.

To setup Adsense Auto Ads, you follow all the steps below us.

Step 1.0

First you login to your AdSense account and after login, you will see ¡¡¡such icon in the top left side. Ispe to click after Ispe click Menu will open so you Ads click on Ads is to click on the Auto Ads to click on. You can see it in the picture below.

Step 2.0

After clicking on auto ads , you will open a new page which you can see in the photo below.

By clicking on the pen icon that you are seeing, you can customize Auto Ads according to yourself, in this you can select what type of aids you want to appear on your blog, how you can customize it Yes you want to know

Step 2.1

After clicking on the icon with Pen, you will open a new page. You can see in the picture below.

In this, you will get many options. Let me tell you all about what work of AIDS.

  • Text And Display ads- In this, you get two types of aids, one is text aids and the other is display aids, that means it will have a text aids show, sometimes a picture aids show.
  • In Feed ads- This will be an AIDS show among all the posts on your homepage.
  • In-article ads- This will be its AIDS show in the middle of the post.
  • Matched content- According to your post or post will be similar AIDS show
  • Anchor ads- You must have seen in many websites that sometimes there are AIDS shows in the header or sometimes in the footer, there is always a show.
  • vignette ads- It has an AIDS show in the background.

Note: For more information, you can learn by clicking on Learn more .

Step 2.2

Enable any AIDS you want to show. Once enabled , click on Save .

Step 3.0

After clicking on Save , you will come back to the same page, you can see in this photo.

Now you have to click on Setup Auto Ads . After clicking on it, you will get a code.

This code has to be copied.

Step 4.0

After copying this code you have to paste the code in the head in the blog .

Blogger and you paste the code below the head of the HTML Edit Save owe tax.

And by clicking on the editor in wordpress, paste the code under Head and save it.

If your AIDS is not shown immediately, then you wait a little, AIDS show will start in a while.

So friends, I hope you liked this post of ours, if you have any problem anywhere, then you comment.

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