What is Cpanel and How to install wordpress from cpanel

If you are a new WordPress blogger and you  don’t know about “How to Insatll WordPress with Cpanel.” No problem, you have come to the right blog, here you will get all the information of WordPress if you have all the information of WordPress. If you want, please visit our website.

In today’s post, I will tell you that you should follow all our steps for complete information about ‘How to install WordPress from Cpanel’. But before reading further, we get to know a little about Cpanel. You can read the post written on it for more information.

What is cpanel.

Actually, cpanel is a web hosting software that makes it easy for the user to control. We can control our hosting with the help of this, there are different tools for the user so that they easily control their hosting.

How to Insatll WordPress from Cpanel.

Now it comes to how to install wordpress from Capnel. So for this, you follow all our steps, so let’s start.

step 1.0

First of all, from where you have hosted you   login to Cpanel  (the cpanel’s username and password must have come to you by email.) When you login to Cpanel you have to find SOFTACULOS Apps, you will find it in cpanel.

As you can see in the picture above, this type will be something. Here you will find many scripts, but you just have to click on wordpress, after clicking on wordpress a new page will open.

Step 2.0

The page that opens in front of you will be something like this.

Here you will be shown some information that 38.07 MB will be required to install wordpress. Now you have to click on Install Now  here  . Now you will open a new page again.

STEP 3.0

After clicking on Install Now, the page that will open, you have to feel some information which is very important for you.

  1. In this, you have to select the version of WordPress, select New version.
  2. Here you want to open your blog with http: // www or https: www / http, select it.
  3. Leave your domain in it. Leave the empty box visible below and empty.
  4. In this, you have to enter your blog title.
  5. In this, you have to add your blog description.
  6. For wp admin you enter your username
  7. Enter your password for wp admin.
  8. You enter your email address.

Now you do not have to do anything, you have to come down and click on Install.

Step 4.0

Now your wordpress install will start. It may take you 1-2 minutes. When your wordpress is installed, that page will look like this.

Here you will get 2 links, one to your blog and the other to Wp admin, you can reach here from your wp admin.

Note: – If you have made a mistake while installing wordpress, then you can fix it.

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