What is Cloud Hosting and it’s Benefits?

I explained in a previous post what web hosting is. And I told about all the hosting in it. In which I had given some information, so in this post we will know about a hosting which is cloud hosting .

Many people know very little about this hosting. Because more people use shared hosting, VPS Hosting and wordpress Managed Hosting due to which less is known about these hosting. So in this post I will explain about cloud hosting, what is cloud hosting, how it works., What is its use. I will give you all the information in this post. So let’s know.

What is Cloud Hosting.

Cloud hosting works on different servers. All of which are connected to each other. Which is completely opposite from shared hosting. In this, different servers are connected to keep your site live, due to which your website can always live and in it future is given according to the need. In this hosting the downtime of the website is very less. Because it has different servers. On this hosting, your website does not work on one server, on this hosting you website works on different servers. Because of which it is called “cloud hosting”.

How Cloud Hosting Works

As I mentioned above, it works on different servers. It is very flexible. Meaning if your website gets more traffic or overload. So it starts working on another server instead of having downtime. Due to which it can handle the website easily without downgrading the website. By the way, it also depends on the hosting provider, if you take a low budget hosting from the local hosting provider. So you may see downtime in it. Therefore hosting should be taken from a good hosting provider.

Benefits of using Cloud Hosting.

One has to pay to use any hosting. Because all the hosting has to be purchased, then we get permission to use the hosting. But in many hosting there is a limit of futures which we can use as much as we can pay. But in cloud hosting, we get to use as per our requirement. And let’s know below what its benefits are.

* OS (Operating System) Picks: – In Cloud hosting, we can select the operating system of our choice. Meaning- Linux or Windows.

* Finesse: – Controls the entire server configuration through a web-based interface. Due to which the website is saved from being down.

* Best of all hosting.: – Yes it is true that it is better than all hosting. Because we get to use it according to need. And together we get less downtime.

* Trusted: – Instead of hosting on one server, it is hosted on different servers and prevents the website from being offline. Because of which we can have full faith in it.

Load Loading: – In this hosting, we get the option to use according to the requirement. It works on different servers instead of working on one server, due to which it handles maximum load easily.

Cloud Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is called VPS (virtual private server). Dedicated hosting is always located in a secure and stable data center. Which saves you from different foundations. You have complete control over this hosting and you can optimize it according to your own. But if your need is more, then you will have to buy the hosting again, while in Cloud Hosting you can change according to your own, in addition to dealing with downtime, you can add on many networks or any other server. In cloud hosting you can increase your disk space, bandwidth without any more setup. While in VPS hosting we cannot do this.

Future of Cloud Hosting

Earlier people used to select cloud hosting very rarely, but its popularity has increased a lot in the last several years. Due to this popularity, its price has also come down, due to which all the small business companies also use it. Now people have learned the use and benefits of Cloud Hosting. Because of which its future is getting better. Perhaps everyone in the future can use this hosting.

At Last

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