How to earn online money from internet ? Earn online paisa

Friends, you are welcome to my blog.
In today’s post, we will know how you can earn online paisa sitting at home from the internet.
Friends, I know that people who know less about the Internet, may consider it a fake post.
Friends, you can also earn paisa online sitting at home from the internet. Have you ever thought that there are many websites on the Internet, do those people blogging for free or not, they earn online paisa through blogging. Or you can watch on YouTube itself because many youtubers earn online paisa by uploading videos on youtube.

I know that those who have visited this website for the first time will be a little confused, you are not confused, I will give you information in full details.


Check This –How to earn Paisa online from Internet Beginning Complete Guide 2020

Is it true that online paisa can be earned from internet.

Yes friends it is true that we can earn paisa online from internet. But you have to work on the real website. Only then you can earn money from internet.

How much money can we earn from the internet.

Friends, this depends on you and your work. But certainly I will say that many people are earning millions of rupees.

What do we need to earn paisa online from internet?

To earn money online from friends internet, we will need some things. Those are the things, let’s know…
1. Computer or laptop
2. Mobile
4. Gmail account
5. Bank account

Friends, at which place we will need all these things, let us know.
1. Computer or Laptop -; Friends if you have a computer or laptop. So it is very good because we save time by having a desktop screen. If you do not have a laptop or pc, then you can also work from mobile.
2. Mobile -; Friends, nowadays everyone has a smartphone. With mobile, we get everything in the society very easily because we can use it anywhere.
3. Gmail Account -; Friends, you will know that we cannot do anything without a Gmail account. Gmail is Google’s free service, a platform for messaging people for free. If you create an account of anything, you will need your Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, then you should create a Gmail account first.
4. Bank Account -; Friends, we will need a bank account because we will transfer our money directly into the bank account by entering details of our bank account from the income we will have.
Friends, I will tell you 2 ways to earn money from internet right now

1. By blogging:

Friends, if you are a new visitor, then you will not know what blogging is, I will tell you what blogging is. Friends blogging means that you post a blog by creating your own website. This is called blogging. Friends, you can also create your own website for free. Click here for how to create a website for free.
Friends Blogger is Google’s free service. Through which you can create your own blog for free. If you want to create a website, then you go to Blogger and login with your Gmail account. After login, now you have to click on create blog and create a new blog. (I have already given all the information above.)
Blog After creating, click on the new post and write a good 15 to 20 posts and publish it.
Friends, we cannot make quick money from blogs because we have to work hard.
If you do not leave 15 to 20 posts and write posts, when visitors come to your blog, it means that people will start coming to your blog and your blog will start having 200 to 500 page views daily, then by placing ads on Google Adsense Can earn money
In the information about what is Google Adsense, I will tell you below. Click here

2. youtube

You guys watch Friends Youtube daily. youtube is Google’s free service. You can also earn money by uploading videos on youtube.
First you login to youtube and you upload your own made video.
Friends, I will request you not to upload copyrighted videos of anyone else, otherwise you cannot earn money well. I tell you what kind of video you should upload so that you can earn money from them. Like any tech, news, bauty, health, food, plotics, you upload the video on one topic,
friends, when your video view is 500 to 1000 thousand, then you can earn money by moneytize the video.
You can earn money by putting Google Adsense ads in videos by creating a Google AdSense account after having a live view on youtube. For more information about YouTube Click here

What is google adsense

Google Adsense is also a service of Google. This is the advertisement service where big companies give their ads to consider Google Adsense and in return for taking money from Google Adsense company. When we create adsense account of Google Adsense and add Adsense ads to our blog or YouTube, then Google Adsense starts to show our ads in our blog or website and then our income is there.
This work does something like this, when a visitor on our blog clicks on Google Adsense ads, then we get paid.

How to get payment

On the Internet, many companies receive payments through different means but transfer to Google Adsense direct bank. When there is 100 $ in your Google Adsense account then Google Adsense will transfer directly to your bank.

So friends, I hope you liked this post of ours, if you still have a confuse or have any questions, then you can comment below.

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