How to earn money from blogging ? Blogger – Best way to earn money

If you are reading such a post on internet for the first time , how to earn money from blog,  then it means that you   are new in Blogging . In today’s post, we will learn “How to earn money from Blog”,

If you do not know how to earn money from Blog, then it does not matter, in this post today, you will know some ways so that you can know about how to earn money from Blog. So let’s know.

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How many ways to earn money from Blog?

Although there are many ways to earn money from blogs, but some of them are more popular which we will tell you in this post. And all the methods given in this post are very good for earning money and all are real methods. So let’s know. Which is the way to wish money,

# Google Adsense

Google adsense is the most popular way to earn money. Almost all bloggers make money from Google Adsense and use it, even I use Google Adsense. If you are a Hindi blogger and you want to earn money from Hindi blog, then Google Adsense is the best way for you to earn money,

If you want to know more about Google Adsense, I have already written a post on this, in which I have told  how to earn money from Google Adsense. So you can learn about Google Adsense by clicking on it. And if you want to know all the information about Google Adsense, then you can read the related post from our Google Adsense. 

#Affiliate Program

Affiliate Progarm is the second most popular way to earn money after Google Adsense. Many people use Affiliate Program to earn money, many people say that good money cannot be earned from affiliate program on Hindi blog, in fact, those people are wrong if we use affiliate program properly. If we can make good money from it. I also use affiliate program but I do not pay much attention to affiliate program but trust me, if you work hard, you can earn more money than Google Adsense.

Those who know less about the affiliate program, I tell them in a little detail, but for more information you can read the post written on it. In the affiliate program, we have to sell anything from another company, if a visitor on your blog buys something with the help of that cell, then you get a commission from it. Although there are many affiliate program companies, but I am mentioning some company names from which you can join and earn money. ex., Flipkart, Hostgator, blue host, Godaddy and many more,

To know more about the affiliate program, you can read the post written on it or you can contact us on Messenger.


People who may not know about this method and will be a little confused, promotion means that you can earn money by promoting something in your blog. Let us know in some details.

This method will not work in the beginning when your blog becomes a bit popular, then you can use this method, what you have to do is that when your blog becomes a bit more popular, many companies will ask you to advertise your blog. But you will ask to do the show, if you advertise his blog on your blog, then that company gives you money in return.

Or if someone needs a backlink, you can earn money by giving him a backlink. For example, suppose someone posted a guest on your blog and you take money to post a guest, then you give a backlink in exchange for money. This method is also good, but for this method your blog should be popular.

# E-Book sell

If you are blogging, then you must be writing an ebook (just like you write your blog post in the same way as writing good information in a note), as if you can consider a book, how much information is written in it, in the same way you Anyone can write information in the ebook. Like – start blogging, SEO guide etc.

Also, by writing information on the topic, you can share it on your blog through Ebook. And you can earn money from it.

AT Last.

So friends, I hope you liked our post, if you have any question, comment below.

All the ways I mentioned above are popular ways to earn money from blogs, and all bloggers use all these methods. If you depend only on Google Adsense to earn money, then you must try these methods with it.

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